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This Personal data privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as Privacy Policy) is applied to the entirety of User data made available to Website administration in the course of the User’s employment of the services.


This Privacy Policy uses the following definitions:

LOANPROFY.COM WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION (hereinafter referred to as Website administration) — designated employees that have the power to manage website, organize and/or process personal data and perform other actions pertaining to personal data.

PERSONAL DATA – any data about a person or entity necessary for the Website administration to honor contractual commitments to the User.
Personal data covers information automatically received by the Website administration in the course of website usage via software installed on the computer. The list of data named above includes IP address, cookie data, the User’s browser (or other software enabling Internet access) data, access timeframe, web page URL, location, and other data.

PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING – activities including User’s personal data aggregation, collection, storage, updating, editing, using, transferring and distribution, blocking, destruction, and anonymization.

USER – a subject (an individual or an entity) using the website as provided by the Website administration.


2.1. By using website, the User agrees to this Privacy Policy and the conditions of the User’s personal data processing.
2.2. The User must immediately stop using in the event of disagreement with the Privacy Policy provisions.
2.3. verifies the validity of the personal data provided by the User at its own discretion.
2.4. By using the User confirms that he or she:
Holds the rights necessary to use the services provided by website;
Provides credible personal information sufficient to get access to website;
Takes notice of the possibility of personal data becoming available to third parties not specified in this Privacy Policy;
Studied the terms and conditions of this Policy, acknowledges and agrees to it and assumes responsibilities outlined within. By reviewing the terms of this Policy, checking the box under the link to this document, and using website to submit data via the feedback form constitutes the User’s written permission for personal data processing, including its transfer to third parties.
2.5. The current version of the Privacy Policy is posted on


3.1. This Privacy Policy defines the Website administration’s commitment to protecting personal data, provided by the User when filling in the registration form or feedback form.
3.2. The User chooses to submit personal data that is allowed and processed under this Privacy Policy.
3.3. Website administration collects Users’ IP-address statistical data. The data is necessary to identify and solve technical issues and assess the legality of the User’s acts.


4.1. Website administration may process User’s personal data for purposes of:
Establishing communication with the User, including messages, queries, updates, newsletters associated with using the website
Identifying the User’s actual location for data security measures, safety provisions, and fraud prevention.
Fulfillment of contract or verbal consent obligations pertaining to the User.
Confirmation of the User’s personal data relevance, authenticity, and completeness.
Ensuring prompt customer technical support in case of issues occurred during website use.
Upon consent, providing the User with additional information, such as website updates, newsletter, special offers, and more on behalf of the website.


5.1. User’s personal data processing is conducted with no time limit and using any method in accordance with legislation, including using personal data information management systems with or without automation tools.
5.2. Website administration shall inform the User in the event of personal data loss or disclosure if applicable.
5.3. Website administration takes legal organizational and technical measures to secure User’s personal data. Security measures are designed to block wrong acts by third parties, prevent accidental data access, its destruction, change, copying, and disclosure.
5.4. Website administration in cooperation with the User makes the effort to prevent damages or other negative repercussions connected to User’s personal data loss, disclosure or transfer to third parties.


6.1. User shall be obliged to:
6.1.1. Submit accurate personal data, necessary for using website
6.1.2. Edit or update personal data in event of changes. Updated data should be transferred to Website administration.
6.2. Website administration shall be obliged to:
6.2.1. Employ User’s personal data only for the purposes outlined in article 4 of this Privacy Policy
6.2.2. Ensure secure personal data storage
6.2.3. Take all measures to prevent personal data leakage.


7.1. Website administration bears responsibility for personal data storage in accordance with the law.
7.2. When confidential data loss or disclosure is discovered, Website administration shall not be held liable in case the confidential information:
7.2.1. Fell into public information domain prior to its disclosure or loss.
7.2.2. Was transferred by a third party before its reception by the Website administration.
7.2.3. Was shared (divulged) with User’s consent or by the User.


8.1. Lodging a claim (written notice of a voluntary settlement) is a compulsory condition arising out of the User-Administration relationship that must be carried out prior to legal recourse.
8.2. Complaint recipient must address the written notice to the claimant about the results of the complaint’s consideration within 30 consecutive days from the date when such a complaint is received.
8.3. Privacy Policy and the relationship between User and Website administration are subject to legislation currently in force.


9.1. Website administration is at liberty to edit this Privacy Policy, User’s opinion notwithstanding.
9.2. New Privacy Policy becomes valid immediately upon its posting on the website unless other provisions are introduced within the updated version of the Privacy Policy.
9.3. Website administration reviews proposals and/or questions about this Privacy Policy directed to email.



The User that transferred personal data to the Website administration confirms the acceptance of this Consent to personal data processing (hereinafter referred to as Consent)

Consent acceptance is confirmed by the User by transferring personal data to the Website administration.

The User consents to transfer personal data for processing by the (located at Website administration subject to the following:

This consent extends to personal data processing with and without the use of automated tools.
The consent extends to the User’s personal data excluding biometric and special data.
The objectives for personal data processing are outlined in article 4 of Personal Data Privacy Policy
Effective legislation is the grounds for personal data processing.
As part of personal data processing, personal data storage, updating, editing, blocking, destruction, and anonymization procedures are executed.
Sharing personal data with third parties is possible based on regulations, special provisions of the contract featuring the subject of the personal data or with the sanction of the subject of the personal data.
Personal data is processed until the end of the data processing cycle. Data processing can be terminated upon request by the subject of the personal data. The termination of Website administration is the condition for the termination of personal data processing.
The consent extends to marketing (informational) notifications and cross-border personal data transfer.
The consent sets the freedom of personal data processing consent withdrawal by the data subject or his or her representative by directing the written inquiry to the Website Administration or its representatives at the address specified in the Consent.
Website administration is at liberty to continue personal data processing without subject’s consent in case of personal data processing consent withdrawal if justified by data privacy regulations.

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