Disclaimer. Terms and Conditions

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This document referred to as the “Disclaimer” is a regulatory framework for the LoanProfy.com online service (hereinafter referred to as Service) that provides information services available to customers (hereinafter referred to as Users) at the moment of exercising the Service.

The document defines the liabilities and guarantees by LoanProfy.com for persons using the capabilities of the Service.

By using the capabilities of the Service, the User agrees to this document and its provisions and assumes liability which he or she can incur while using the Service.

Service Administration developed general provisions that set the terms and conditions of the Service usage and the field of superadded liability for both parties (Administration and User):
The Service is not liable for the accuracy and integrity of the data submitted by the User.
The Service is not liable for the relevance and authenticity of the data submitted by the User, including comments and messages.
The Service does not guarantee the lack of errors and malware within the computer networks, software, and servers used by the Service. The Service is not liable for data loss and equipment malfunction at the time of the use of the Service.
The Service is not liable for data loss caused by the communication services quality problems (failures and outages), and potential damages inflicted upon the User’s computer. The Service is not liable for damages inflicted upon software and occurring at the time of the Service
usage. Using third-party websites and services, installation of new software is a risk that the User assumes and can’t have any claims against the Service.
The Service is not liable for possible damages inflicted upon the User by the interaction with an advertisement posted on the Service or by its presence in the Service’s categories.
The Service is not liable for insufficient, in User’s opinion, positions in К5М® rating and credit rating. The Service Administration generates К5М® rating points according to the rules covered by the Loan Profy Service. К5М® Rating is an independent metrics system that is not discussed and reconciled with the User.
The Service is not liable for potential damages inflicted upon the User by the К5М® rating or credit rating data and/or reports.
The Service is not liable for the User or third parties incurring damages caused by loss of expected profit, lost data, infliction of injury, discreditation of honor, dignity, and business reputation in case these events result from using the Service, its information or other materials available to the User and third parties via the Service, including instances where the Service warned of probable consequences.
The Service does not incur liabilities that have not been discussed between the User and the Service before making an agreement.
The Service does not incur liabilities that occurred or may occur between the User and third parties.
The Service liability does not apply to potential damages incurred by the User during the time of using the Service and its services.
The User should own the rights to brands, trademarks, company names, symbolic images, design elements, and other copyright components mentioned or cited on the Service’s pages or use them with permission of the legal possessors of intellectual rights. The Administration is not liable for the third party rights offended by the Users but takes an active part in conflict resolution efforts.
Failure to undertake restrictive measures by the Service in case the User or several Users infringe the provisions of the Service Terms and Conditions does not signify the Service waives the protection of the Service’s rights and interests. Appropriate measures may be undertaken in the future.
The copyright law protects the structure and order of the Service’s pages, brand elements, and images posted by the Service Administration on the Service website (except for the material uploaded by the User).
The Service is provided as is in a format affirmed by the Administration does not guarantee the presence and quality of parameters required by the User to meet certain goals. The Service disclaims the warranty of continuous and faultless operation. The Service is at liberty to block the access for a User or a group of Users temporarily or permanently.
The Service reserves the right to delete any information and materials posted by the User on the Service website. The Service is at liberty to discontinue provision of services to the User at any time with no explanation. The Service is not liable for authenticity, relevance, safety, and accuracy of the data posted on third-party websites.
The User follows links based on the goals and assuming all possible risks. The Service is not liable for the integrity of the data posted by the User on the Service’s pages. The User is encouraged to employ other storage methods for the data posted on the Service’s website.
The User agrees that his or her actions concerning the Service are taken elaborately and assuming the risks. The Service is not liable for the authenticity, accuracy, and safety of the data posted by the Users. The Service disclaims responsibility for ensuring the content posted by some Users cannot inflict harm, damage, or hurt upon other Users.


1. Within the limits of the law, the Service is not liable for direct or indirect damages, loss of potential profit, pain, and suffering, incurred by the User while using the Service or on account of Service unavailability, in particular, because of the User:
1.1. Violating the law or third party rights on account of posting information, such as messages, comments, content, personal data, and links.
1.2. Using uncorroborated, unreliable, irrelevant, harmful, or illegal information posted by the other Users.
1.3. Losing information used within the Service.
1.4. Ignoring, neglecting to fulfill or under-fulfilling third-party contractual commitments.
The User indemnifies the Service in full upon the violation of this Disclaimer or other Service regulations.

In case some conditions covered by this document are found legally unsound or invalid, other provisions continue in full force.
The Service is at liberty to edit this Disclaimer by posting the new version of the document online at the current URL, upon notifying the User. The User must learn the possible changes made in this Disclaimer to be defined by the Service Administration. The User must immediately stop using the Service should he or she disagree with the updated provisions of the Disclaimer. By continuing to use the Service upon the posing of the new version of the Disclaimer, the User agrees with the document.

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